Our Measures

Your Safety

We create all health and hygiene conditions to give you the opportunity to discover the Azores without any concerns when using our services. We guarantee that we fully comply with all the rules imposed by the Portuguese National Health board. Our main concern is to take care of you. Your health is always in first when using our services in any of the Azorean islands. We assure you that your experience will always be inspiring and memorable, without causing any negative impact to you, to your family or friends and the environment. We want you to always feel safe.

Our Procedures

Our team follows a set of procedures in the prevention of COVID-19 in the workplace. For your safety, our team uses personal protective equipment, we also ensure the compliance with the social distance and respiratory etiquette. For proper social behavior, we reduced the share physical contact and increase the frequency of hand washing with an antiseptic solution. Despite the distance, we want to be closer and we look forward to welcoming you and to tell you all the history and the culture of our islands, inspiring you during our experiences in the middle of an untouched nature.

Vehicle Cleaning

We ensure a constant cleaning and disinfection of our vehicles, before and after each service, to ensure proper hygiene between services and between people when using our vehicles. We use certified and recommended products by the Portuguese National Health board. We are aware that prevention is essential for us to continue providing our quality service level, without causing any negative impact in people and the environment.

Vehicle Capacity

We know you may be considering avoiding crowds and shared experiences. For your safety, we decided to limit the transportation capacity of our vehicles, assuming the operational cost. We want to ensure the recommended distance inside our vehicles, safeguarding your health without any additional cost for you and exponentially improving your experience making you feel safe and comfortable. We want you to enjoy a peaceful holiday.

Protective Equipment

During our experiences and for your protection, depending on the activity, we always recommend the use of a mask based on common prevention. If you do not have a mask or if yours is damaged, do not need to worry, we will provide you one free of charge. For your hands, we equipped our vehicles with alcohol-based hand sanitizers solution that you should use when entering and leaving our vehicles. We believe that with active prevention we will be able to overcome this moment.

General Care

Nowadays, more than ever, it is important to remember the care and rules that we should all have in our daily lives. Our routines have changed and many of us are not yet used to the new way of coexisting together. However, we will always keep in mind the rules prevention of COVID-19 making a point of remembering it, to assure that we can show all the nooks and crannies of the Azores in the best possible way, always in safety and without negative impacts in your experience.


Considering that we have more than 60 experiences in the Azores archipelago, it is important to mention that they are shared with other people, although they are limited in their capacity in the transportation and in closed spaces. If you are not comfortable and not confident to share an experience, we recommend that you book in private. You can experience the best of the Azores in a private and privileged way where you will have at your entire disposal an element of our team exclusively dedicated to you.

Safe & Clean Badge

We guarantee that our services comply the safety and health rules, making the Azores a safe destination for you and your family. As a certified company by the Portuguese Tourism Authority, we assume a common commitment in the prevention of COVID-19, complying with all the measures provided in the statement of healthy and safe establishment valid until 30 April 2022. We welcome this certification by the Portuguese Tourism Authority, getting the official accreditation of “CLEAN & SAFE” company.

You can Trust

We guarantee an excellent service. Safety, quality, tranquility, and fun is our commitment to you. All the historical and cultural facts of our islands will be proudly shared by our guides, enriching your experience. Choose the Azores and feel the nature around.

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