Corvo island

The entire island of Corvo is centered around its main volcanic structure, with a Caldeira at the top (called Caldeirão) and about twenty secondary volcanic cones on its flanks and inside the caldera. The Caldeirão is the main element of the island´s landscape and resulted from the collapse of the top of the central volcano of Corvo. This volcanic caldera has an elliptical shape with a maximum diameter of 2,3 km and a depth of 305 meters. Its interior is filled with a body of water, which many claim replicate the Azores Islands.

Vila do Corvo is located is a lava Fajã (flat area of land by the sea), originated as basaltic lava that flowed from Morro da Fonte. Portinho da Areia and Ponta Negra boast an underwater haven extension (the so-called Caneiros) which is a location of choice for divers who come to the island. By the Alto dos Moinhos, next to Ponta Negra, small windmills adorn the seaside.


The local cuisine consists of fresh produce from the sea or picked from the land. Fish and Seafood are particular delicacies of the island. Corn bread is locally baked and is served with typical dishes such as the tart Erva do Calhau (Rock Grass). The grass is a type of seaweed picked from the sea rocks and the salt water is squeezed off. The handmade cheese of Corvo, which cures for at least 60 days, is yellow in color, with a slightly hot taste.

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